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In order to feel safe about using AVRIL Co., Ltd.’s (“AVRIL”) Web Site, we would like you to read the following page. Yet, all users who are using our Web Site shall agree to “Policy”, and the members must also agree to “Terms and Agreement”.
Please understand beforehand that we update about the contents of this page if needed. Moreover, when you do not agree with Policy, please refrain from use of this site.

01. Recommended Environment and Cookie etc.

Using Environment

We are performing the check of operation in the following environments.
Windows Vista
Internet Explorer 8.0
Firefox 35

Windows 7
Internet Explorer 9.0、11.0
Firefox 35

About Cookie

We use the technology of Cookie in some page for the purpose of realizing easier-to-use website, in order to offer a convenient function for the user or to provide smooth service in a web shop.
The information saved at cookie is sometimes used for the user's input assistance by the user's request. For any purpose other than the above-mentioned, we will not use Cookie with personal information.
In addition, an individual user cannot be specified only by the information saved at Cookie. Users can refuse cookie or display warning when admitted by changing a setup of a browser. However, some parts of this Web Site may not function fully for users that disallow cookie.

About Java Script

JavaScript is used at our Web Site.
When the JavaScript function is repealed by the browser, it does not function correctly or it may not be displayed correctly.
In the case of use, please make a JavaScript function effectively by browser setup.

02. About Protection of Transmitted and Received Data

In our web shop, we have adopted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is the encryption communication technology on the internet to secure the information. With this encryption communication technology, user's personal information is enciphered, and information is transmitted and received from user's terminal to the web shop server of AVRIL. Moreover, the server which we are using on Web Site and the web shop is installed in a data center, and is building the mechanism of protecting user data from a computer virus or unauthorized access. Because of these, the possibility of the third party to acquire the information becomes extremely low. We are sure that the users can feel safe about using our Web Site and web shop. In addition, you can see the details of the security of encryption communication technology by clicking the logo mark of the following certificate authority.

We are trying our best to secure the security, although we shall not take any responsibility about any damages including the following cases. In the case of use, please give an attention by user him/herself.
○ Damage caused by the alteration of this site
○ Damage caused by an unauthorized data access
○ Damage caused by the inspection of E-mail or contents infected with the computer virus

03. Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of protecting the information (“personal information”) which can identify the individual that is acquired on our management, in an appropriate way. So we take the following measures.

About acquisition of information

We acquire required personal information, in order to provide suitable service. Moreover, since the member registration by the user is required in order to purchase goods using the web shop, so we ask users to offer the information at the time of registration procedure.

About use and management of information

We use the personal information which offered from the user or which we acquired (settlement of accounts, our information dissemination, sales management, product development, trend analysis, etc.) for expansion of the suitable services on our management.
Any third parties other than us will not use. However, we may open or use the personal information in the following cases: when required for offer of our service (sending and distributing direct mail, required information such as address, name, phone number, ID number when shipping products), when users agree with disclosure of personal information, when a third party is provided with statistics of the collected personal information in the form which cannot be specified as each personal information, when reference is requested from a public institution in a proper procedure based on law, also when the right and property of AVRIL need to be protected, when accepted by Japanese guideline about protection of personal information.
When you do not want to receive direct mail, it is possible to stop the distribution by changing the registered information by user him/herself. However, we will carry out connection about the matter of the ordered products.
We manage the acquired personal information not to be used unjustly, and we maintain required security. Please see “02. About Protection of Transmitted and Received Data” for more details.

04. Notation Based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Company name AVRIL Co., Ltd
Chief Executive Officer Jiro Fukui
Headquarters 20-1 Ichijojitakatsuki-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8381
Phone number +81.(0)75.724.3550
(Open week days 11:00am – 5:00pm. Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese public holidays)
FAX number +81.(0)75.724.3551
E-mail address (*Window for foreign countries)
Required charges
except payment for goods
Shipping cost and Extra insurance charge (* as needed )
Shipping Please see the shopping guide.
Payment Please pay via PayPal.
Returns and Exchanges Please see the shopping guide.

05. About Copyright    

The copyright of the contents (a text, a picture, an image, a sound, a program, etc.) offered at this site belongs to AVRIL or the right holder whom we permitted the right. You cannot use, duplicate, change, translation, etc. in other web site, print media, or any other recording media etc., except for the case of individual use. In addition, more than the range accepted by the other Copyright Act, you cannot use the contents offered at this site without AVRIL's prior express written consent.

06. About Trademark Notice  

AVRIL is registered trademark. All custom graphics, icons, logos and service names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of AVRIL. All other trademarks or service marks are property of their respective owners. You cannot use those without AVRIL's prior express written consent.

07. About Link

URL in the case of a link is basis of “" and furthermore must specify that it is AVRIL's web site. We may change the URL mentioned above, and may change, stop, or discontinue the management of the web site. Please understand beforehand.
Moreover, we may cancel the link when we judge that the contents of the linking agency, the method of a link, etc. are contrary to our intention.

08. Attention

The information, products, etc. mentioned in this web site may change, revise, and delete without notification. Please be aware of them beforehand and please confirm the newest information.
Although we pay careful attention carrying information about web site, when the contents of this site have an error, or when a certain trouble occurs when using this site, no responsibility can be taken except for the case where there is a reason for which it should impute responsibility to AVRIL.
When a problem unsolvable by this “Policy” and “Terms and Agreement” it shall sincerity discus between AVRIL and the user, and shall solve the problem.
This Policy makes the Kyoto District Court the competent court of the first trial, when it shall be interpreted based on the laws of Japan and the necessity for a lawsuit occurs about use of this Policy and service.

09. About a Contact

Please use “Contact” form for any inquiry about information of AVRIL or information of this site. Fill in your contact information including the E-mail address correctly, at the time of an inquiry. It may be unable to answer, when inaccurate.
Moreover, we may use the user’s obtained opinion, the demand, the contents of an inquiry, and the history data about use of this web site, for product development, web site and our shop operation, nor service, etc. in the form which an individual cannot be specified.